Ch. Dark Moon's Black Tri Affair


Zoro front 4.jpg

Zoro has followed in his mother's footsteps finishing in just 5 shows just like his mother! He finished winning multiple awards (BOS BOB) over ranked specials! Of COURSE he finished in style going WINNER DOG at the 2018 BCOA NATIONAL SPECIALTY!!!!

 Zoro is the second Dark Moon Basenji to do this and makes two years in a row Dark Moon Basenjis have won Winners dog at the BCOA national as Monkey won the same award in 2017. 

Zoro will be shown selectively as a special in 2019 watch for him in a show ring near you! 

Zoro will have health testing completed once he turns 2 at this point he is not available as a stud dog and wont be until all health testing is complete.

Tuco has been tested as: 

 Fanconi Sndrome: Clear (by parentage)

PRA: Clear

Hips: TBT 

Thyroid: TBT

and Eyes: TBT

Visit his OFA results Here